Specializing in TIG welding of alloys & exotic metals
Weld build up, padding
Machining miscuts, error repair
Single one-off parts
Batch parts, production run
Pre/Post heat treatment welding
Inert gas back purging
Fixture, assembly jig welding

Auto CAD Design

2D modeling
Prototype design
Picture/image to metal rendering
Business logo/branding in metal
Art, sculpture design

CNC Milling & Cutting

Large parts & small parts
Production runs
Nested parts
Custom prototype, one off parts
CNC cut production jigs
Art, sculpture
Builder parts, DIY
Business branding, signage/ logos/ displays
Mounts, brackets, precision fixtures/jigs

Repair & Installation

At location services avaliable

Design, manufacturing, installation



Consulting, Evaluation,

Cost Estimating

Work with customer to evaluate goals

Actualize form/function of product

Streamline ideas

Collaborate to creatively work through challenges



Mandrel Tube Forming

Hydraulically bent tubing



Custom Racking

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